• Function Characteristics
    1.Eliminates body fat from your hips, arms, buttocks and face.
    2.Boost your metabolism, curves your appetite and cuts food cravings.
  • Ingredients
    Bamboo Vinegar, Gynostemma Pentaphylla, Lotus Leaf, Haw, Polygonum Multiforum Thunb, Fomes Japonica, Licorice Flavor
  • Supplement
    500mgx10capsules/boxx3 (30 capsules each big box) once a day, one capsule each time
Jimpness Beauty fat loss capsule is a combination of traditional medicine and techniques. It chooses stem, leaf, bud and fruit of different plants, and vinegar without any pollution as its raw material. It is refined by high-tech biotechnology. The product contains active ingredients such as natural and saponins. It is proved by functional test that this product can lose weight, reduce the fat on and waist, lower rate of body fat and thickness of sebum. It also has the function of weight lose and skin care.

Jimpness Beauty Fat Loss Capsule has been registered in China as natural food supplement for years and help millions people successfully lose their weight and keep health body. It make you lose weight really fast! You only need to take one capsule/pill one day, and you will find how easy is quick weight loss.
And meanwhile, you will not suffer the side effect like diarrhea, weakness, no appetite or stomach feeling full

1. Appetite Suppressant
The ingredients in Jimpness Beauty Fat Loss is formulated to work with your mind and body to create a fuller feeling. You will experience a reduction in excessive hunger cravings with an increased feeling of fullness. Therefore, your body continues to absorb and burn fat as normal, and since you're taking less of it in, you'll have an easier time making your weight loss goals.

2. Metabolism Enhancer
Jimpness Beauty Fat Loss can help boost your metabolism and speeds up your food digestion. This process is important for weight loss as better metabolism gives your body the essential nutrients and vitamins it need to burn fat, decrease appetite, and have more energy.

This product has been evaluated by the Good Manufacturing Practice. Normally our customer can get 5-10 lbs loss in a month. Usually it takes 1-3 weeks to see the results.There are many customers have got good effect after taking our product.
I've been on the pills for 9 days now and lost 5lbs so far. My appetite had decreased tremendously and my thirst increased. I digest much faster after each meal. I feel kind of drowsy the first 2-3 hrs after taking the pills, but is not the sleepy drowsiness. I'm more energetic and sleep a little less than before. I'm very fascinated on the result.